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Promoting your business is no small task, whether you are selling to a business, or selling to a consumer. Building a successful business takes investment - time and money - coupled with commitment and a strategic plan to build your brand, products/services and your customer/client base.

Competition doesn’t wait for anyone to catch up.  For every business, there are numerous competitors that produce and sell a similar product or service. It’s up to you to differentiate.

Hi, My name is JiSun Kim, Founder of MKInceptions.

MK Inceptions was crafted out of a simple need: empower small-mid companies with the practical know-how marketing knowledge of Fortune 500 companies. 

I strategize with organizations to build/define their brands, craft their content strategy, develop products and services, open new marketing channels, sell more effectively, get more creative and address operational challenges.


Who Have I worked with?

The industries I have served include publishing, recruitment, economic development, hobby enthusiast, arts and culture, software as a service and healthcare to just name a few. 

No matter what industry I serve, I am a business advocate first.  Your business advocate.  I work with all levels of an organization, from senior executives to division leaders in marketing, sales, research, product, creative and operations. And I work to address the pain points of each individual division and their unique needs.  

HOW Can we Best Partner together?

When you partner with me, you gain a powerful business resource, ally and advocate with hands-on practical experience.    

  • As a strategist, I can conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, an audit of your marketing and business operations and workflow. I can build your company's overall business strategy, identifying short- and long-term opportunities.

  • As a marketer, I can create your company's brand vision, key value propositions and multi-media campaign initiatives that drive growth and revenue.

  • As a brand advocate, I can create big and small ideas that will cultivate or expand your brand's products and services.

  • As a storyteller, I can craft key content marketing strategies that position your company as a leader in your industry.

  • As an educator/trainer, I can build the skills and knowledge base of your teams.

  • As a multi-disciplined collaborator, I can effectively communicate and align initiatives across company divisions, including sales, marketing, technology and editorial.

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I have lived the roles we advise about, so I understand what it's like to live with the solutions I am recommending. I focus on what I call “practical marketing”, the real advice you need when your organization has a big strategy but a small budget.  Whether it’s ready-to-go worksheets, templates, workflows, adaptable models, testing plans,  I adapt to fit the agility and needs of your team.

I believe in the 1-on-1 approach for every level of your organization, setting a different pace for the executive vs the junior coordinator. I tailor my approach to fit the needs and knowledge of the organizations I work with.  I not only find the critical questions to ask, but also help you answer them.  

Your company has big goals, big plans. Let's meet them head on. Let's connect so we can conduct an initial audit and assessment to identify areas we can create success. We then build a tactical plan that suits your needs, your resources and your budget.  


Business Transformation 

  • Identify root issues and challenges
  • Organizational structure and role differentiation
  • R&D and product development
  • Efficient operations workflow
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market research (quantitative, qualitative, reader panel, advisory)
  • Sales development (process, lead generation, collateral, etc)

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing audit
  • Brand differentiation
  • Key messages/tag line/USP
  • Marketing calendar development
  • Website/microsite/landing page
  • Email marketing
  • Creative development 
  • Partnership development
  • Event programming
  • Marketing training 


  • Editorial calendar development
  • Content marketing evolution
  • Blogging strategy
  • Public relation strategy
  • Whitepaper/Ebook development strategy
  • Webinars strategy
  • Partnership content development
  • Event content development


Send me a note.  We can discuss your organization’s challenges and needs over a cup of joe.  We’ll conduct a free initial audit and assessment to identify areas we can help. We build a tactical plan that suits your needs, your resources and your budget.  

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