What former colleagues, managers, partners, vendors have to say about working with me. 

Ji is one of the most talented and competent people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has an infectious passion, a keen intuition and an untiring drive that together can move mountains. Ji has real accomplishments under her belt, but I best remember her for convincing me of the value and power of marketing. I haven’t looked back.
— Christian Knoebel, Online Director, Princeton University
Ji engineered and implemented the marketing strategy that helped launch The Bass University program. This is now our sixth year in business and we continue to expand.
— Pete Gluzek Co-founder of Bass University
Jisun is a talented business executive who manages her P&L with great vision and strategy. When it comes to strategic planning, Jisun finds ways to revolutionize her business in order to sustain long-term success. I’ve always been impressed with how she can get in a room with her colleagues/partners and generate excitement about her strategy and initiatives.
— Sal De Spirito, President, DSMG
Ji was a shining star at The Grey Old Lady (The New York Times), radiating optimism that fueled her high level achievement. Her analytical thinking, focused drive, and impressive productivity were an essential asset to the challenging sales and marketing teams whose demands were punishing at times.
— Andrew McCarthy, Former Studio Manager, The New York Times
Ji is a “take charge”, fearless manager who is eager to take on new responsibilities, no matter how large or complex. She’s a true pleasure to work with.
— Wendy Robinson, Former New York Times Research Director
Ji is one of the most talented and capable digital executives I have met in my 15- year career in digital publishing, marketing and sales. From conceiving a sales, technology or content idea, to creating a presentation for it, to delivering it, Ji can do it all—and do it better than most. Ji was an “out-of-the-box’ thinker longer than there has been a box and her creative notions have resulted in countless sales—from someone who isn’t a traditional salesperson.
— Joe Stella, Sales Director, ESPN
I worked at The New York Times with Ji for several years. Ji is a great strategist, and is also incredibly creative. She is the ultimate one-woman show - she can be relied upon to provide analysis, strategy and planning, and will then roll up her sleeves and execute a project single handedly. She is a staunch perfectionist and has an incredible work ethic. I recommend her highly.
— Susan Fine Sheldon SFS Consulting Services
Ji is a supremely talented individual and professional who leads by example and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig into a problem for the best possible solution. We worked together closely developing campaigns, presentations and marketing communication tools. Ji is a great collaborator and innovative thinker on top of being incredibly friendly and fun to work with!
— Rick Angeloni, Design Principal, ASI
An advocate of working smarter, not harder, Jisun brought focus and endless energy to her responsibilities. The mound of initiatives would continuously mount, but Jisun never flinched. She was adept at honing in on efficient and effective marketing solutions and equally successful at pulling together teams to divide and conquer.
— Len O Neal, Director, Raw Murdy
Ji is the epitome of strength and focus. She is an experienced leader with a strong vision of the future for her business, her team and her career and she drives them all unerringly forward. Ji has earned every bit of her sales and marketing experience through hard work and determination. She confidently forges paths where there are none. Her actions remind me to think in terms of what can be, instead of merely what is. I’ve learned from the example that Ji has set and am grateful that she has set my sights higher.
— Michelle Newhard, Director of Marketing, National Association of Colleges and Employers
Ji’s positive impact was felt across the organization from day one. With minimal resources at her disposal and an enormous (and disjointed) organization to work across, Ji quickly built a best in class marketing department through hard work and ingenuity. Ji was absolutely dedicated to the development of her team - something I am still grateful for, as I would not be where I am today had I not worked with her. It was an honor to work for someone like Ji who was clearly dedicated to both the success of our company & also the people around her
— Sean Walsh, Senior Director, Strategy, Social Code.
She is constantly thinking up new creative ways to help companies advertise and market their business. Using thorough research, presentation and good sense of style Ji finds opportunity around every corner.
— Jake Krolick, Creative Director, ASI
Ji was an invaluable member of the BLS & Co team for two years. In that relatively short span of time she brought incredible energy. enthusiasm and a desire for learning to everything she did. She was also the personification of a team player and selflessly shared her extensive knowlede of all things marketing.
— Andrew Shapiro Managing Director, Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co.
I’ve had the privilege of working with Jisun for over two years. Jisun is an innovate strategic planner that leads her team by example. I have found her ideas to be clear, actionable, and always focused on measurable ROI. Jisun has the unique ability to think outside of traditional marketing strategy and find new ways to gain exposure and engagement. She makes those around her better by focusing everyone’s efforts and leveraging individual skills. Jisun is one of the people you can always count on to get things done.
— Matt Smyth, Executive Director, Product, ASI
Smart, focused and extremely able. What others can’t do, Ji gets done.
— Sam Wood Reporter at Philadelphia Media Network: Philly.com, Inquirer and Daily News
Jisun is a consummate professional. I worked with Jisun on several marketing projects during her employment at Dow Jones, her creativity and work ethic was second to none. I highly recommend Jisun and would love to work with her again.
— Mike Corr Vice President Commercial Sales at Salesforce
Ji is a highly efficient and strategically focused marketing professional. I am my team at Leach Communications worked closely for more than 5 years with Ji while she was at The New York Times. Given her success at The New York Times’ research division and marketing group, I can personally attest to Ji’s ability to provide well integrated solutions to businesses that result in creative and effective campaigns that engage customers and drive revenue. Ji also brings a healthy dose of humor, professionalism and a strong team ethic to her work.
— Alfred Leach President at BÆRING
Ji is the consummate team player and exhibits a true passion for her job. Ji has developed a very strong rapport with her colleagues. Ji is extremely dedicated to sharing her knowledge and the information that she uncovers with the team. Ji brings so much energy and enthusiasm to her job and it is a pleasure to work with her!
— Jeremy Black Associate Director at Novo Nordisk